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Persuasive speech outline

the topic that I’m doing for my persuasive speech is why you should adopt your animals instead of buying them from a pet store or a breeder I’m going to start my speech out with a question to my audience and I’m credible to talk about this topic because I work in the animal industry as Auggie day care and i am going into this career field as well as the fact that I volunteer at an animal shelter the body of my speech is going to be divided into three main points one being that binds and pets or supports puppy mill industries to your being that animals being bred are then adopted two people or like sold to people and then they end up being put back into shelters do to people not wanting them or some other reasons just making the shelters more crowded from unwanted animals and that number three being that you’re supporting the poor living conditions in pet stores when you buy from them my approach i’m going to be using is the US vs em strategy so i’m going to be talking about my argument and then the counter argument and evidence supporting why my argument is the argument that you should side with and then i’m going to be getting my evidence from internet research i’m going to be doing and i am talking about this topic because i’m passionate about the well-being of animals and it is something that i think is important that people know and it’s like it’s relevant to a lot of people the message that I want to get out of my speech is that you should consider adopting a pet instead of buying an animal from a breeder or going to a pet store and getting her pet to and then from my conclusion i’m going to be ending it with a story a personal stories from the shelter out of work at or i was going to end with a quotation


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