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Online Courses on Advanced PowerPoint Training

Learn In a world where it is incredibly important to know what's going on, with the latest technology is, and how to use it properly, one of the skills that you can give yourself is Advanced PowerPoint training so that you know not only how it works but how you can effectively work from home during quarantine, and how you can make yourself a viable business asset.


Finding the right course is equally important. Below are five great courses:


1) http://www.vtc.com/modules/products/titleDetails.php?sku=34409&affiliate=skilledup

2) https://www.udemy.com/powerpoint2013/

3) http://learnitanytime.com/courses/powerpoint-2016/

4) https://www.udemy.com/powerpoint-master-class-for-business-and-finance-graduates/

5) https://alison.com/courses/Microsoft-PowerPoint-2010


Course 1

With this training, people can learn to create presentations, edit presentations, and collaborate on presentations and matter where they are. people can make their ideas really shine when they integrate various fonts and themes for their presentations, incorporate animations, and even in bed videos. Powerpoint provides people with multiple templates for different reports, portfolios, and educational presentations that they have to make. 


Course 2

With this course, people can look over different templates from other users and they can create new presentations from anywhere even if they don't have an Internet connection by way of using their phone, tablet, or computer. People working in large groups can work collectively at the same time on a single PowerPoint slide. 

Course 3

This particular training is great for people who are more advanced in their Powerpoint familiarity. people who are tasked with preparing a handful of slides that they will contribute to a larger group presentation can all work together on the same presentation document. They can collaborate in real-time, make edits, keep track of their edits and revisions, and communicate with other users while they are doing it. All of the changes which are made are sorted by date and by the person who made the different changes so any reviewed versions of the same presentation can be viewed by every user.

Course 4

People who need specialized training for a certain class, like a finance or business class, can learn all about the different charts and graph features available to present data. If one student is using PowerPoint for their contribution to the group project it can be opened by other people, edited, and saved to the presentation. In addition to this people can present their final work without a huge setup. Powerpoint is supported by almost any device in the classroom. 

Course 5

With this training, people will learn to use shortcuts, templates, and all of the built-in features of the program. people and teachers can insert images and videos into the presentation which are relevant to the demonstration of their knowledge and subject, and all of this information can be published within a website. This extends far beyond the classroom and allows administrators and teachers alike to create presentations and then post them to a classroom or academic institution webpage that is created through the same Google applications. This information might be something applicable to the student body, to a department, or to a classroom individually. 


In the end, PowerPoint functions as an online presentation application which allows people and teachers to show off the work that they've completed in a very visually appealing manner. With these people, teachers, and administrators alike can create presentations and edit presentations individually. They can edit existing presentations with friends, peers, or coworkers, and share an existing presentation with one another in an effortless fashion. Users can import PowerPoint files of any format and convert them to a presentation. All presentations can be downloaded as a presentation format using a PDF, PowerPoint, JPEG, or text file.


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