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How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself! (+ANNOUNCEMENT!)

letters and loving letters anomic hi I’m Tina with overall adventures thank you still want to enjoy Mimi and today we’re going to talk about how to write a self love letter I have written 50,000 words of love letters to myself and it was an interesting journey for the record 50,000 words is about the size of the great gatsby so I wrote that length of letters to me now another big announcement that I will share at the end of the video so I love that so first things first I can get is important to set up some guidelines for yourself in terms of like how to go in to nestle into writing a bunch of letters because it’s hard my friends I’m not going to lie look I loved writing letters to myself I knew exactly what to say every day it was easy to just shower myself and kindness I don’t spell true so okay so either you can role to myself that I think would actually be pretty applicable to you as well so the first is to take it seriously approach the letters of the third secret to be authentic promise to share your whole truth with yourself and even if lips even in that mundaneness even in the like well don’t have much going on cant think of anything epic threat to myself like expose all of that inauthenticity because if you deserve that honesty and that is how you’ll bridge to the new levels within yourself even if it doesn’t feel like it three I don’t have you on a word that’s what I wrote I will not fake self-love so this is similar to authenticity however it’s promising yourself that you will not think that like rainbows and unicorns self-love for I will try to define self-love and how to get there and how it can like make a process out of it five this was key for me in particular because I’ve spent so much of my life writing love letters to boys and men that I did not know how to write any letters to myself so for me personally I made the rule that men are welcome in these pages however a mouse six so you are allowed to be mean to yourself so these are things that I need for myself crisis you know I’m explaining the rules here the rules here so the lis I allowed myself to be mean to myself however I wanted to have conscious awareness of it so every time I was like how to mean a nasty thought I wanted to say oh I see you see you and now I’m going to examine why that you are here the seven you need to actually take care of yourself when writing self love letter like are you hungry are you have you slept enough have you showered like basics make sure the basics are in in touch eight you are never alone in this lighting you’re never alone in your journey to self love and it’s really important to kind of acknowledge that and reach out when you need help nine my role number nine is probably laying low sticky ones for me and that’s to be gentle with myself and that is a short gentle is lying easy words that rolls off the tongue with really hard to implement to be gentle with yourself to allow yourself a process to allow yourself a journey to allow yourself to go from point A to point B right – and not to criticize and not supplant I’m down on yourself and ten is probably a favor long another hard one though is to show up show up and go for it I don’t know what he’s been generate about and you know what this don’t be okay Lee okay the fact that I showed up to the page that I’ve showed up for myself that I showed up and said hey I’m worth it today so what you could do is kind of write on a separate piece of paper your letters to yourself and either have them in their own like little folder or or actually what could be cool is when you have this today is binding like some greeting cards that you really love that you would normally extend to other people but instead taking those like nice cute greeting cards and writing them to yourself and either putting them like in a little box like a little self-love self-love Arsenal and kind of like putting them under your bed or kind of gathering those those tools they can create for yourself for times of doubt and times of in struggle you gotta fight them in a notebook which is what I ended up doing just at the left hand notebook and wrote all the letters in here but I think of separate like hard copy on the sucker P sheets of paper might be really nice as well lastly I just want to share an example so you can see from me what what a self love letter might look like or sound like I need to feel right now that I’m not on a stage or high horse I promise authenticity gentleman or journey this book is not about him though he know just oh dear Tina I forgive you I forgive you for loving such a comeback I forgive you for not being overhead I forgive you for feeling eternally lonely and forgive you for what pillow cases old pajamas torn journaling I forgive you for writing love letters to everyone else except for me I forgive you for taking care of everyone else except for me and forgive it all there is a piece of divine in me that piece that shard of the universe God goddess whether you want to call her is always able to get I forgive you for searching the entire house for his phone number at 1:00 a.m. even those you know no one has had it I forgive you for texting his visiting I first thing you were trying to call I forgive you for sabotaging me exhausting me sickening need and still here if you could write this book and not worry about a single soul reading it what would you write I hold my own hand every night to fall asleep because I cannot bear the loneliness that is my biggest most are sanity presentation in that I bring everything you my childhood stuffed in my my blanket of will I feel like a giant magnet calling calling out to the open bed stick to me so I will not be alone pillows around my whole body notebooks this book I sleep with it all even if I wake up in the middle of the night corner poking my spine I lose the journal under my arm and fall back to sleep the key the cherry on top the final slice of lonely pie the final ingredient to a good night’s sleep is my hands they interlock then the serious way as my high school health teacher was saying and I feel the warmth of myself and that is how I fell asleep finally so that’s just an example of what a self love letter could look like of course there’s so many different forms of self love letters but that’s why I need to hear for myself at that time so well because I was exposing that’s what it is it’s about getting raw it’s about getting real stuff getting vulnerable and sharing yourself not subjective to share yourself with the internet however you know sharing yourself with yourself is really important besides last is announcement sizes both sides of shares you guys is that I found out that I will be I got accepted to do a 10x talk so oh I’m so excited it will be March 31st I will be getting a TED talk on self love letters and this experience of writing this book I will obviously post in the video online and be able to connect you guys to it so I just want to share that with you it’s some exciting news and yeah and so the talk itself will be a little bit more about what I learned about self left so you’ll get a little bit more insight as to of my own journey with this specific process that is my news and I thank you so much for your support and if you have any questions or comments or things you wanted to talk to me about let me know in the comments below and that I love you in the next video [Music]


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