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Essay – Online Tutorial using WebQuest Animation

good day everyone I am resting for 10 days a third year student from among the coffee college I am here to discuss to you all about se as it’s very common to students especially in writing so I think topic let’s proceed to that discussion for us to learn more all about si so first what is an essay an essay is a composition we have related paragraphs all of these paragraphs focus on a meet point altogether the paragraphs support in developed to pinpoint the ending is composed of three parts which are the introduction to body paragraph in the conclusion the introduction which is the opening remarks and order back of the information the body paragraph which is the supporting information and done completion which is the closing ideas are the final reports let’s proceed to the other living definitions of these three parts of an essay what is the future these consist of a single paragraph introduction is the opening statements present the topic and sublease directors attitude towards the subject and the audience the introduction offers the opening remarks on the top so in writing introduction these always captures the reader’s attention and tell us about the essay stopping the next one is the body paragraph summary paragraph provides the development of an acid this also elaborate on the main point with relevant examples details facts threesomes and incidence the body paragraph contains two or more paragraphs the develop the main point in writing the value paragraph this is always covered the introduction this is important because the other details about your topic is quitted the last part is the conclusion when Lucien is no more than one paragraph conclusion wraps of the essay with a reminder of the midpoint and closing remarks this also brings the essay to a satisfying new Russia and reminds the reader of alias cover so all of the key features of an essay should work together to create unity in writing BB OU t you


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