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Best Gameboy Advance Games Of All Time

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Here’s the second that you’ve all been ready for; we’ve eventually made a list of the high-quality GameBoy Advance video games of all time! If you consider your self to be a real Nintendo fan and a lover of all-things handheld gaming, then you have to really have performed some of the titles in this list, and if you haven’t, then now is a perfect excuse to end some thing your doing and to go out and hunt them down!

From accumulating cash round the Mushroom Kingdom to picking up notes in Spiral Mountain, we’ve listed 20 of the pleasant games that this transportable crimson console has to offer. The notion of a GameBoy with a large display screen and horizontal grip-style may not seem that interesting now, but it blew my mind when it first got here out. The console felt so cool with its shoulder buttons and pocket-sized build.

And simply when it seemed as although matters couldn’t get any better, Nintendo threw the SP into our hands, back-lit, folding, with no want for one of those stupid sperm lights when enjoying in the dark. Nintendo bought 81.5 million GBAs, and with over 1,500 video games to pick out from, the possibilities of you ever getting bored are particularly slim. So which of these 1’500 titles have made the cut? Scroll down to discover out!


In 2004, EA and 2K were locked in a brutal hostilities for the hearts of sports activities gamers, a opposition that gave upward jostle to some of the fine sims ever. Lagging on the income charts, 2K determined to fee ESPN NFL 2K5 at $19.99, undercutting Madden to the factor that EA went to the nuclear alternative and secured sole get entry to to the NFL license. Sports games have in no way been the same since, which is perhaps one reason that NFL 2K5 is so consistently lionized by using football fans.

Of course, it helps that NFL 2K5 was certainly good. Its presentation was second to none, with a pre-game exhibit that without delay recreated gba rom PrimeTime, and a pretty exact sim engine to boot. It additionally had the “crib,” a room that you should decorate with unlockable collectibles. In hindsight, it is easy to see the roots of what became modern day NBA 2K, making it easy to surprise what might have been. Either way, NFL 2K5 lives on in the hearts of football fans, with followers continuing to generate updated rosters to this day.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

It had to be, didn’t it? Mario Kart is, and continually will be, one of the exceptional video games that Nintendo has ever made and a deserved winner of the pinnacle spot in our list of the exceptional GameBoy Advance video games ever made.

You might now not assume that the first transportable day out of Mazza and the gang is such a large deal, what with Mario Kart Tour now handy for pretty a great deal each and every smartphone below the sun, but it is…was…you get the idea. Mario Kart: Super Circuit was a large success, and the reality that you may want to play Mario Kart on the bus, at the again of the classroom, or with your mates at the park used to be just out of this world.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts, simply on thinking alone, sounds like a advertising man’s fever dream. I can photo anyone furiously scribbling distinctive mash-up thoughts until they hit paydirt with, “What if Square and Disney?” From the outset, that appeared like what it was basically going to be: a serviceable fable story, facilitating the assembly of characters like Squall-err, Leon, and Mickey Mouse.

Ultimately, Kingdom Hearts used to be much, much more. From its opening moments, romping around the Destiny Islands and diving into the heart, to heartbreaking confrontations at Hollow Bastion, Kingdom Hearts grew a lifestyles of its own. It had tears, laughs, enormous bosses, and sensible takes on an action-laden model of Final Fantasy combat. Oh, and do not neglect an absolute banger of a theme. Kingdom Hearts quickly eschewed any concept that it would clearly be a vessel for different properties.

Instead, Kingdom Hearts used to be the first of what would be many, many games to follow. While the story only branched and received more bizarre from there, I keep a sure sentimentality for the first-it may also no longer have dual Keyblades or a weird opening sequence, but it feels contained, focused, and directed ahead from that first day on Destiny Islands to the remaining struggle in opposition to Ansem.

Pokemon Emerald

We’ve given you three of the quality GameBoy Advance games ever for the fee of 1 here! With Pokemon fever spreading across the globe once extra after the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, it looks solely proper that we pay homage to these three incredible pocket monster titles. Pokemon Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire changed the way that we play Pokemon forever.

If you’re new to the sequence and have been loving the double battles, abilities, and picks to improve your Pokemon’s nature while playing Sword or Shield, then you have these three video games (and Game Freak) to thank for them. A lot of human beings dislike the truth that you couldn’t bring Pokemon from Gold or Silver into the game, but now and again you’ve got to let go of the previous and simply revel in the new.
Pikachu and Pinsir can’t be your go-to warriors continuously you know! The battles run exceptionally in the equal style as Red and Blue, apart from the aforementioned changes, and the gameplay is, as you would expect from a Pokemon game, really awesome. If you overlooked any of these games, then I URGE you to go back and give them a try. Put your Switch down and go returned to where some of your favored features began.

Soulcalibur 2

The PlayStation 2 noticed two 3D war games kick it up a notch. While Tekken launched its Tag Tournament, Soulcalibur noticed the refinement of its structures and arguably its most popular entry ever on this generation of consoles. The previous Soul Edge and Soulcalibur laid the foundation, however SC2 was once the polished, refined version of it all.

Improved defensive techniques truely helped this game, however to be honest, a lot of it was once just the notable lineup. Fighters like Kilik, Talim, Seung Mina, and the relaxation make up a different roster, with noticeably exclusive patterns and approaches. Guest characters had been a spotlight too, though PS2 would possibly have been on the losing stop of that; as plenty as I love a top Mishima rep, you cannot surely beat Link.

Soulcalibur 2 was once the gateway to extra fighting games for a lot of younger players in the PS2 generation. It stood as a gold fashionable for the sequence for a long time, and arguably still does. It’s approachable, easy to understand, and yet rather deep and moneymaking to master. Soulcalibur 2 is assuredly a war recreation highlight of this generation.


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