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5 Effective Steps To Overcome Your Fear Of Meeting People

If you’ve come across a terrible experience, like psychological violence, you may feel extremely and dramatically scared about social relationships. No matter what kind of psychological violence you had to undergo, what matters now is that it has something left in the deepest corner of your personality.

You have to work hard to remove the footprint of the violence in your soul and conscience. This might take a long time, even years, but keep consistent and determined and you’ll make it all, with or without a therapist to help you. The key to the problem is indeed into yourself. You have to dig into your mind and self-awareness to find it out.

self-esteem quoteYou Are Not A Loser – Get Rid Of This Silly Thought!

Almost all people who underwent psychological violence are convinced they aren’t worth a thing. This is a clear result of that violence. When someone whom you love tells you bad words, you tend to believe him/her. Although you may repeat to yourself “it’s not true”, at the end of the story your self-esteem comes out with deep damages. This is a pretty common condition that almost everyone in this world might have already experienced, maybe after different circumstances.

Let’s take a student who can’t score good marks at school or a man who got refused by the woman whom he loves, or let’s think of a poker player who can’t win a hand… all these examples are good to show you that the world is full of situations that can damage your level of self-esteem. The golden secret to making it hides into yourself. So, if you want to succeed as a poker player, just pick the best casino or read our review to make your choice from a list of recommended licensed casino venues, try different poker games, take part in live tournaments only when you think you are ready to face a true and thrilling challenge. In the meanwhile, keep collecting bonuses that help you play and raise your self-esteem at the same time.

Nobody is a loser unless they want to be. The same goes for you, so pick your best energy and go ahead!

Learn How To Approach Someone New

People with low self-esteem are usually afraid of facing new people. When they have to meet someone, they develop anxiety, nightmares, and nervous. That’s because they fear they will lose their opportunity, they think they’re going to make a bad impression. In a nutshell, they feel like a loser.

Now, let’s get rid of this dangerous idea and let’s replace it with positive thoughts that will support you and teach you how you can approach new people happily:

  1. Get out of your home
    You are afraid of talking with people. That’s your starting point. Well, you don’t have to start a conversation with anyone out there! So, relax and plan daily walking outside. Get out of your home, walk, and breathe. Nobody will approach you unless you show them that you agree. So, focus on going outdoor and having a nice walk.
  2. Eye contact and smiling
    Once you feel pretty comfortable with walking outdoors, it’s time to consider the rest of the people living in the world. You don’t have to go and talk to them. Just practice eye contact with people on the street, smile at a small child, feel natural with smiling back if someone smiles at you.
  3. Nobody will reject you
    You are making a big step forward. Little by little you are overcoming your fear to meet new people. It’s time to remove the idea of rejection from your mind. Forget it as nobody is going to reject you. Why? Because you’re not giving them a reason to do that. Be kind and greet the people who see, keep short yet determined eye contact while greeting. You are learning to greet people, that’s a first step to talk to them.
  4. Start with complimentsmake people smile
    Everyone loves compliments. So, when you sincerely appreciate something about someone, just compliment them on that. They will love it and appreciate you in turn. You have nothing to lose, so try to compliment them with a smile.
  5. Ask for your questions
    You may think you aren’t a good speaker… don’t mind. You don’t have to be a speaker to tell a few words to people! If someone tells you something after you compliment them, just answer politely and quietly. No reason to be scared. Ask for a question in turn, for example, if you compliment about someone’s T-shirt, you may ask where they bought it.

Step after step, you’ve come into a conversation with someone whom you didn’t know. Pretty easy, don’t you think? The important aspect is that you are willing to try, any way you won’t lose anything nor get attacked by anyone. So, take the chance!



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