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4 Tips To Build Self-Esteem After Domestic Violence

TITLE: 4 Tips To Build Self-Esteem After Domestic Violence


Domestic abuse and violence are two immensely undervalued aspects of our society. Although many people might think that domestic violence and any other related form of violence at home is possible only in poor neighborhoods or in third-world countries, the real situation looks more diversified and complex.

domestic violenceThe Hidden Reality Of Domestic Abuse

National associations that are involved in helping people in need after domestic violence report that this is a more common life condition than one might think. Such associations are in close touch with victims of domestic abuse and their goal is to help them heal after the traumas, both physically and mentally. Violence can indeed make life much harder as it’s often connected with fears, phobias, sleep diseases, eating disorders, psychological issues, and more.

Some people who suffered from domestic violence develop an aggressive attitude towards unknown people – that’s a form of self-defense from potential attacks from unknown people as everyone is considered to be a dangerous individual. Other people develop addictive behaviors. For example, they become addicted to certain foods, as though the flavor of that food can counterbalance the physical or mental violence. Several people become addicted to gambling. That’s a way to find personal revenge and demonstrate the world they are worth a life, they have a brain and can be winners in their life. Gambling is today largely diffused and worldwide popular. Accessing gambling sites on the web is way easier than going to a land-based traditional casino. In the Middle East, Arabic bet is one of the most recommended casino guides to check to find a legally authorized and licensed casino for either casino games and sports betting.

In short, violence is a major source of addictive behaviors and psychological phobias. But healing is possible and it’s the only and best way to pick to rescue life and rebuild self-esteem.

You Can Heal! Start Now!

The first thing to do is to change the way you see life. Because of continued violence, you may think that the entire world and life should be that way. It doesn’t. Life is much more than violence. Life is anything that you want for yourself. You have to focus on your circumstances and your own healing. Know that healing after violence comes only if you rebuild your self-esteem. So, this is where you should start from:

  1. Reduce continued conflicts
    It’s a simple yet effective step to move. You are the one who knows the origin of your domestic violence. Once you’ve found the origin of it, reduce it to a minimum. Avoid those situations that you know might become the beginning of a new conflict at home.
  2. Spend your effort into your well-being
    Oftentimes, people who suffer from violence tend to underestimate their value as a human being. They tend to please anyone except themselves. The step to move here is a little more energy-demanding, but you can do it pretty well. Start to change your attitude to yourself. Tell yourself encouraging phrases when looking at the mirror. Repeat over and over that you are worth the best. Believe in your worthiness, skills, feelings. Turn your priorities to self-care, improve your eating habits, pamper yourself as often as you can.
  3. Confess your sorrowbreak the silence
    This is a difficult goal, we know. But if you’ve come to it, it’s a sign that you can go even beyond it! It’s time to confess your trusted friends or family members about your domestic violence situation. They won’t be ready for it, but you must speak the truth and overcome any embarrassment about it. Talk and get it out. It will help you get rid of your sorrow and overcome it.
  4. Look for and accept support
    Many people who have a domestic violence situation don’t want to admit they need help. They want to deny their actual life circumstances as though they could eliminate the violence from their life. You can say “no” as many times as you can, but violence will stay there whatever. Be realistic and look for help, there are many anti-violence groups and organizations that have the key to your problem. Don’t stay hidden in silence, tell your truth, and look for support. It won’t be forever, just for a while until you can stand on your own feet.

Another important tip is to start feeling responsible for your life. If you receive any abusive action, understand it’s abusive, and report it. If you can, ignore it or speak about it and get supported by expert people. There’s always a solution to even the most complicated problem.


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