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4 Science-Proven Methods To Heal From Traumas

If you could know the exact number of how many people live under violence, you'd probably want to close your eyes and start crying. It's true every 30 seconds a child is kidnapped and abused, while a countless number of women of all ages are subjected to domestic violence.

Violence Creates "Virtual Slavery"

The fact is that most women don't report such conditions, they are afraid they might get their situation even worse than that. Also, they feel ashamed of living under such conditions. Violence generates low self-esteem, it kills any will of looking for a way to get out. Violence (both physical and psychological) creates a condition of virtual slavery in the victims – they aren't chained yet they live as they were chained.

It's like becoming addicted to something that you can't see or touch yet it exists in your life and it has a strong impact on it. With this said, we don't want to tell you that addictions come from violence. Certain people "choose" the object of their addiction, which is usually something that gives them pleasure, satisfaction, or excitement. For example, gambling is one of the most common forms of addictions of our days. That's why worldwide recommended gambling venues promote the responsible gambling policy, check here to learn more about the methods used by these online casinos to encourage their members to play safely and sanely. You'll find out that the gambling environment online is made of several authorized and verified casino companies, as well.

trauma quoteWhat's Trauma?

From violence and the complex situation of virtual slavery come several forms of traumas.

What's trauma? Traumas are emotional responses to terrible events, like divorce, death, abandonment, solitude, illness, rape, and any other situation that is produced a strong and deep-rooted emotional reaction. When this reaction takes place our interior balance gets off, we are thrown into a state of confusion that gets us to shut down emotionally and take distance from it. And every time again a similar event seems to occur in our lives, we instinctively tend to react distancing ourselves as a way to protect ourselves.

When it happens, we don't even understand why we behave that way. It's because we're deeply afraid of certain life situations, although our rational side suggests us not to be afraid.

Recovery From Traumas Is Possibletrauma recovery quote

If you or someone whom you know need to recover from trauma, that's a good sign that you or that person are aware of your psychological condition. Becoming aware of trauma is step #1 to start recovering from it. Other important steps include the followings:

  1. Origin of the trauma
    Once you know about your trauma, you should analyze your past events to find out where exactly it originated. It's important to understand the precise event that caused the trauma because you can work on them and rationalize that situation. It's a past situation, it doesn't mean that it will happen again.

  2. Safety and self-balance
    Traumas make you feel unsure and unsafe in the world. People with traumas tend to see potential enemies and threats everywhere. No matter if you need months or years to get rid of your fears, the important thing is that you start someday. Identify the emotions that are connected to the trauma and learn how to manage those emotions rationally.

  3. Give it a name
    You are starting to "process" your trauma. The first thing to do is to give it a name. Put the trauma in its context by using words. This is how most therapists help their patients get out of trauma. Consider that you don't have to be in a hurry. Take your time until you feel ready for the next step. Moving too quickly might impede you to resolve the traumatic event.

  4. Reconnect to yourself
    Traumas destroy big parts of our personalities. Now, the aim is to re-build who you are. Don't allow trauma to change your personality, on the contrary, be the only one who can redefine yourself. First and foremost, stop living like a victim. Move on finding your mission (for example, your children, volunteering, work tasks) and what passionate you the most. Start dedicating your time and effort to a new hobby, find what you love, and give yourself the chance to experience that love.

Trauma recovery is a long and complex process. Although you are out of past trauma, you will probably still experience painful thoughts or feelings about the event that gave origin to the trauma. It will happen naturally, but you won't be under the control of those feelings anymore.


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